"Read Between the Lines"

"Read Between the Lines"

Coffee or Tea? Cool, I’ll take tea this time. What were talking about last time?? Oh, yeah you got a good memory! Yes, I was going to tell you about a few of the lines we have currently.

This collection is comprised of tees that reflect the word of GOD & to celebrate the peace of being a Christian. By Faith we know that we have purpose. Its totally ok to be fearless, loving, kind, bold, fly, chic, fashionable and of service to others. Check out Proverbs 31!

Kinky Girl.
Now these flirty tees are designed to celebrate your crown of glory. Kinky, curly, or straight you decide. The bigger the better.. We just love healthy hair so this line is designated for all things hair..Whip if Good!

The Weekend.
Girl, just let your hair down…this line captures the essence of spending time with family and friends. Sporting events, Girls night, or Brunch we got you covered. Lets look chic and be comfy at the same darn time!

Oh, No you got to go…sad face.. Its all good we will pick up on the last three collections later.



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