Hoops & Curls

Hoops & Curls

Hoops & Curls

Hey Curlie, You are looking fierce!

I just love a great pair of hoops and a popping head of curls. Hoops can be a girls best friend. They can accompany anything from a suit to a great t shirt.. Lets put emphasis on a great TEE. (Shame less Plug) Hoops are timeless and can be worn by all facial shapes and look great with all hair styles. I believe the thinner the better but as far as size goes, go as large as you feel comfortable. There is something so classy about a slicked pony & hoops, high bun, low bun or even a big curly fro partnered with hoops…you get my drift. I feel the exact same way about diamond studs. Relax, they can be diamond-like!

Every girl needs a great pair of hoops and studs in her box of jewels.

Curls Curls Curls aka Texture- The more the merrier! No matter your curl pattern- no one cares about that hair typing stuff! ALL hair is beautiful. Just add a lil texture, volume, shine & hoops and be on your way!

PS add some matte lipstick for extra style credit ?


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